Dr. Gianluca Gambarini

Professor Gambarini is an international lecturer, researcher, and author of more than 480 scientific articles, three books and has added numerous chapters in other authored books. He has lectured all over the world at the industry’s premier events and congresses including the AAE, ESE, and IFEA and many Universities worldwide. Professor Gambarini is a member of the executive board of the ESE and Chairman of Clinical Practice Committee and is an Honorary member of Italian society of dental microscopy (AIOM).

A Full-time Professor and Head of the Endodontics Department at the University of Rome, La Sapienza School; Director of Master of Endodontics in Sapienza.

During his academic career he gained many awards and recognition, and was responsible of many scientific projects with national and international grants. He is also actively cooperating as a consultant to develop new technologies, operative procedures and materials for root canal treatment. He has many patents concerning endodontic technologies

Professor Gambarini maintains a private practice in Rome, Italy