Dr. Meshari Alfouzan

Dr. Meshari Al Fouzan obtained his bachelor's degree in 2007 and acquired his membership from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (MFDSRCSI) in 2009. Furthermore, his interest in orthodontics made him pursue a master's degree from the University College of London, UK in 2012. He was granted a fellowship title to RCSEng in 2013.

Dr. Al Fouzan was the head of Orthodontics Society in Kuwait during 2013-2015. His passion for Invisalign is prominent as he obtained a master's degree in 2016 and attended numerous courses to enhance his skills and update his knowledge. His expertise in Invisalign has allowed him to treat a very wide range of cases from various age groups. Dr. Al Fouzan is currently a diamond II Invisalign provider.